Monday, May 17, 2010

week of may 10-16, 2010 in pictures

Tuesday: a surprise bubble tea from my boys! so awesome! i love it when they come and visit me at work and surprise me.
All week: caedmon has a new obsession; TARZAN. he was playing tarzan all week long, inside and out. he pounds his chest and calls daddy the "bad monkey" and mommy is none-other-than, Jane. he thinks he looks like tarzan when he puts his hands by his face. so funny.

Wed: my half day of work is wednesday so i put caedmon in DC and got a pedicure with my friend April who is pregnant too. She is due 5 weeks ahead of me and we've had fun working together on the River Run and sports program at school. she's having a little boy and i'm so excited for her! her older son is 13! so its all new again for her! we had a great time relaxing and getting pedicures!

friday: caed got a box of toys and clothes from grandma reveley. we only let him have one of the toys because he didn't know there were like 5 in the box! so, he loved his new zurg. even during time out while playing outside, he was happy cause zurg was next to him. i love his eyes in this pictures - so "glistening" and beautiful.

Caedmon reading comics Sunday morning before church. he really loves comic books and knows all the heroes and villians. i just make sure that ryan doesn't let him read anything too advanced :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Unedited - Photoshoots May 2010 Julie, Hannah, and Emily

I have been waiting to take pictures of my favorite teenager - Julie T. She turned 16 last month and I wanted to capture her fun side! she's a beautiful girl inside and out! She talented, funny, a wonderful Christian girl...i could go on and on. Enjoy....

After taking pictures of Julie we met up with her Nieces and took some dance pictures. They all dance at the same studio and have recitals coming up. Hannah G (older) and Emily G (younger) were so adorable and LOVED the camera!

I love getting practice, now i just need a mac and can get to editing....hummmm before Baby 2 comes hopefully!