Wednesday, September 22, 2010

37 weeks and i'm feeeeeeeeeeeeling gooooooooood

yes, i'm actually feeling really good this week. last week was harder on my body and this week i'm settling in to this "dropped" belly and just willing to wait it out. tomorrow i have an appointment and will get checked, then tuesday i'll get checked to see if there was any progress in those 5 days...if so, i may consider some "help" along the way to get this baby here while my family is visiting.
some awesome baby blessings came our way this week:
1. SURPRISE SHOWER from our friends for our whole family. it was amazing - see hte pics on facebook.
2. Gifts from my parents for baby Reveley. they, of course, sent all things that we want/need and can totally use for baby!!!!! a new boppy lounger, a bundle-me, and some bottles. very cool. my mom is so considerate!
3. not a baby blessing, but a major good thing. Ryan's dad had a heart attack last week, out of the blue. this monday he had surgery and is recovering very well. its hard that ryan couldn't go to ARK to be there, but all is well and he's feeling better. We are thankful for all the prayers and support they've had while flynn was in the hospital and as he continues to heal.
4. our baby names are no longer 100% secret, we told all of our closet friends at the shower. it was fun to share. teh girl name got rave reviews and the boy name was looked at "questionably" but they all liked it. kinda like when we dropped the Caedmon-bomb on everyone. no one expected a name like that and it seemed to foreign, but its SO him now. i'm sure if its a boy the same thing will happen.

so, waiting for baby reveley is going smoothly and this our last week of normalcy before my fam comes and i'm out of work, etc.
whew! i'm ready...i think....ahah

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 month to go...some baby news

well, my baby is due in exactly 1 month from today! how it could possibly be september 12th already is beyond me! how the family that i have always dreamed of is quickly becoming real is also beyond me. tonight i took time to reflect on a picture of caedmon only hours after he was born, then a picture of him now...un-b-elieve-a-ble! does the world just keep spinning. i wish i had a pause button.
lately, i've been so in love with my big boy and savoring all the sweet little things about him before my time is going to be slip a bit. i think he's ready, i mean - we have been talking about it FOREVER! he is as anxious as we are i'm sure! whenever i'm stopped around the house with a "practice pain" he says, "you okay, mommy. was it the baby?" he's understanding a bit.
things these past few weeks:
- i'm fuller, quicker. can't eat as much because my entire abdomen is fulllllllll
- all my maternity shirts are even getting short on me...not fun. need to wear dresses i guess!
- back to working full time and sore after work. very tired most days again.
-NESTING - getting this house ready for not only the baby, but my entire family to visit! they are coming between sept 29 and oct 2 and leaving between oct 6 and 8th - excpet my mom and aunt who are staying almost the whole month of oct. it'll be a wild month with many visitors and so pray with us i have the baby while they are all here so they can meet him/her
-buying baby stuff: diapers, wipes, bath stuff, replacing some worn out/old things, and yes - still buying GIRL things because i have NOTHING if this baby is a girl!
- very sore pelvis and lots of low back pain.
- wakeful at night in pain and in anticipation of the baby
- more emotional - but cranky actually. i hate this part of hormones, because i don't like to be a cranky, whiney person. but it comes out that way unfortunately.
- decorating: got new carpet in the baby room and so i'm choosing fabrics for the curtains, bedding etc, for boy and girl and will purchase after the birth.
- at my last dr. appointment on the 31st of august i got some news. the Dr. thinks that it may be safer in my case to naturally induce with stripping my membranes and using the insertion of cervidil between 38-39 weeks instead of waiting to see how i go into labor. the reason is because i had such a rapid labor with caedmon and i almost didn't make it to the hospital. also, because of my contractions already he wants to have more "control." normally i'd be 100000% NO, but because my family is going to be here visiting exactly between 38-39 weeks i may go for it if he checks me and i'm already looking like there is some progression. he is confident that it will go smoothly and still happen naturally without other intervention. i do TOTALLY trust him, but i just need to wait and see how i'm feeling and how my body is progressing.

well, that is baby Reveley news. we do have names, we are ready for boy or girl, we are excited, and caedmon is too! come on, baby!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

my fav family - the Mabons and Gracie's 6 month shoot

the happiest baby on planet earth!

My future daughter-in-law :)....what a beauty!!!!!!! Evee, 3 years 6 months

The Mabons - picture perfect!

believe it or not, these eyes are not edited!!!! these girls just naturally have glistening eyes!