Monday, July 21, 2014

TenBrink Family - Kids and Family Portraits

 You don't know BRAVE until you've met this Mom & Dad! They have been on a five week road trip with children ages 4, 2.75, and 1!!!! They are spending five weeks on the road and one of those weeks we were able to meet up in Wisconsin! Meghan is my oldest friend, in that we've been friends the longest! She and I were both in our mom's wombs together and destined to be best friends. It's been amazing to grow up together, even from afar, and to see our families grow too! She has three of the most adorable children who each have their own special sweet personality.
The Ten Brink Family - ABR Photography & Design 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

M & E - Kids Portraits, Cuba City, WI

I must say, I have the cutest family members ever! These two darlings belong to my brother, but they have a huge spot in my heart. I love seeing them change and grow and had a blast playing with them this summer.
They will be 5 & 3 at the end of the summer and needed a few photos to capture their adorable faces. Mason had lost his first tooth, to a brick wall, only this morning and had stitches on his chin: typical 5 year old boy!

 Elise is so gorgeous and loves to keep up with the boys. 

Caedmon is 7!!!! Kids Portraits - Chicago, IL

My first born, baby boy is turning 7 this week! He was so excited for pictures on "Pa and Grandma's" rooftop deck. Caedmon has always been so photogenic and is a little ham in front of the camera. 
I'm so lucky to be his mom. SO LUCKY! I could go on and on about how smart, funny, and crazy this child is. He has a sweet tender heart and a wild zest for adventure...he is a great friend to others and one of the most outgoing people. He's a leader, fearless and free...he's spastic and wild and everything a boy should be. I love you, my little CaedMonster!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Babler Family Photos - Cuba City, WI

and my crazy boys and I...

35 Years - Carl & Linda, Chicago, IL

My parents celebrated 35 years together. They live a life that is so full of love and purpose that they radiate joy. I am so thankful for parents who have set an amazing example to me, my siblings, their church family, and every one who knows them. Their marriage is based on a strong foundation - the Lord. They are so richly rooted in His great love that it is easy to love one another.
We spent a few moments together on a rooftop in Chicago, on Lakeshore Drive. My father loves the Chicago, and together they plan to spend some of their retirement years here. A beautiful night, and a beautiful couple.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kolby 18 months old. - Belmont, WI

Kolby's mom, Kelly, is an old friend from my hometown! It was so nice to catch up with her and photograph her adorable son on their family farm! He is so full of life and a very smart and happy little guy! He loves the tractors, corn, and cows. It was great to see him in his "element" and capture his joy. He has two wonderful parents who obviously love him and enjoy watching him grow and change each day. I was so happy to get a glimpse of their simple and sweet farm life - it was a nice change from Massachusetts!

(These photos are directly from camera or a few simple edits because I'm away from my "photoshop" while on vacation! :) enjoy )

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