Sunday, February 14, 2010

love day

waking up to "I love you mommy and daddy, sooooo much" was the perfet beginning to a great valentine's day!
caedmon has been so loveable lately and he always expresses it. last night, he and i were dancing to a Batman song and he grabbed my face and planted one on! at dinner he said, right away and without prompting, "thank you mommy for making dinner." (his kind daddy taught him that!) he's just been the sweetest little valentine.
today, i'm sitting back and watching him enjoy his valentine's gifts, more like birthday! we got a great deal on megabloks Disney CARS and he loves them! so i had to get the rest of the set for him. he is playing and playing and his joy is contagious. loving him and having him to love is the greatest gift this day!
he just called ryan in to HUG him! "dadddddy, please come! please come hug me!" adorable! we get this all the time - such a sweetie. top it all off! i have an even bigger sweeter valentine! I did 14 things for him starting Feb. 1. so, we've been celebrating in little ways for two weeks. the strawberries are from one day. he wrote me the sweetest 14 things he loves about me and gave me an ipod dock for my office. plus, we're going to a new restaurant tonight and he's even going to help me clean the house (i am not sure he's in agreement with that one or not yet!!! :) haahah)
we had a nice valentine's breakfast organized by me at church today. i was proud of it because i have yet to have an opportunity to realy take control of something at church. YES, i'm "the pastor's wife" yes, i have a ton of ideas, yes, i am "controlling!" but, i just have sat back, YES for almost 5 years. so, this was good and it was fun and successful. we raised over $450 for our sunday school and had a great time! church was nice and our family time after church has been great. the weather is beautiful, cold, but sunny and our hearts are full. God is Good!
notes: thinking about you meg, kyle and jax - Prayers :)
laura, i'll miss you this week! Peru will be amazing and it'll go exactly how he's planned!
those with new little ones - enjoy your 1st valentines' day with your little ladies and gents!

Friday, February 5, 2010

5 for Fri

five things that happened today.

1. sock book: caedmon put his socks in a book and said, oh, i love this book. it's a sock book. very cute. he has a funny imagination. i love when he plays alone. not so we get a break, but to hear the things he comes up with and see how he is learning.
2. french fries: caedmon is not eating well, he is just not 100% healthy and so he doesn't want to eat. we went the 99 tonight and he was WILD and didn't eat his hamburger and was just plain defiant. but the whole time he was having fun. his smile gets him out of a lot of trouble
3. signed, sealed, delievered: bought out my lease on myar. so many hidden costs on taxes, premium coverage/warranty plans, etc. but we are blessed - God is good and the car is ours.
4. lamest date ever: the most time ryan and i were able to spend alone together this week was at the car dealership. almost 2 hours! we had bigger plans but that just took too long. i am trying to make the best of it though and enjoy something special about my hub every day.
5. actually not stressed: i can for once say i'm handling stress so well. i'm happy about it and thankful to God for using his POWER to help me with my stress. a deep breathe, thank you Lord.