Thursday, October 29, 2009

favorite pictures


laura took some awesome pictures of my little family. these two are by far my favorite.
ryan and i are so in love lately, this picture just makes me happy. you know, if you've been married over like 2 years, things kinda chill out. but, ryan and i are happier than ever lately. so excited for life. so excited for our future, so excited to see our son grow each day. today is ryan's bday and i woke up in prayer. thanking God for bringing him into this world and guiding our lives together. i thank God how well we fit together, how well we work together. one of the greatest compliments i've ever got from our relationship is from my mom she said to me, after she was leaving our home when caed was 3 weeks old, "you and ryan are a real team. you can do anything together. you're a great team and you will enjoy all of this and get through every thing together. you're awesome." it sums up how i feel about us. i always remember our "TEAM" whenever i'm facing anything. i'm not alone. i have the best partner and teammate ever!
The second picture, the one of us and caedmon makes me so happy. i feel like this IS OUR LIFE. we watch him. we watch his every crazy movement and we're filled with joy. he is so joyful and exhuberant and expressive and excited....he's wonderful. even when he doesn't act "perfect" he's great for us! watching him grow has been a blur. we always have to check ourselves as which day it is, what year it is! time is going by so fast. he's the exact boy we've always wanted.
a few funny things bout caed lately:
his new favorite TV show is "Batman Brave and the Bold MUSICAL!" its the perfect blend of ryan and i! it's hillarious and awesome. what makes it GREAT is that Neil Patrick Harris is in it as The Music Miester. i love it. caedmon knows the songs and sings the love song to me in the a.m. when watching.
today he told us this, in these exact words," caedmon got time out. in the gym. cause maria. yeah...had to get time out in the gym." who gave it to you, did livi. "No miss sokah did" he tells us EVERYTHING its so funny. i did find out this time out was because of kissing maria so much.
caed also told me all about each little einstein, in detail while taking a bath. i love how skilled in language he is. it makes me happy, he's such a "babler"!!!
enjoy your night and your weekends! i know i will!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

mahoney wedding

I was lucky enough to go with laura to the wedding of stephanie and ryan mahoney. it was a rainy and foggy day, but this wedding party didn't mind one bit! they were the sunshine on a dreary day! for sure the most excited bunch of friends - ever! they even booooogied down the isle youtube style.
here is a collage - unedited of pictures that i took from the day. i never put any up that i take so i thought i'd do it Derek Henderson style. (cause he rocks) i made them too small res. but wanted it to be able to upload quick.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


my eyesight is blurred. i never get enough sleep. lately caedmon has been up for like 2-3 hours in the middle of the night! it's so annoying and defeating! ryan and i dont know what to do, but we're pushin' through, knowing this will pass - eventually.

during the waking hours..we've been busy these past few weeks.

i made caedmon's halloween costume - beyond adorable! and we are finishing up in the kitchen.

i'll be shopping for new curtains and a new dining table this week! :)

life is always.

caedmon news: he is talking in full sentences and putting amazing sentences together. "Daddy is a boy. Caedmon is a boy. Daddy and Caedmon are boys. " "Oh, i have another idea!" *usually a bad idea! "Caedmon CAN do it!" - also usually a bad idea.

he was in DC a few hours this week and made a crown in honor of the story of Queen Esther. here he is with his crown!

Friday, October 16, 2009

a WI weekend overview


Whoa…it’s been too long.
Sorry that I haven’t wrote for a while. Not that you guys care anyway…but cool blog thing. Someone googled their name * I won’t say who as to not put their name back on* and we talked after about like 15 years of no contact. Pretty cool.
Anyway, this past weekend I went to WI! I had a great time seeing my family…and a NOT SO GREAT time traveling. Caedmon was a bear…but I am not going to go into that because I’m determined to remember the good times. Not the times of me wrestling a very strong 2 year old in an airplane while crying…there I go again. I’m done. It was good.
Highlights: ELLIOTS EYES, EXPRESSIONS, SMILES, LAUGHS, LAID BACK ATTITUDE; Meeting MASON! So adorable! So sweet and babyish and he looks like my brother, which was unexpected. Karen is a great mom, so attentive and happy. Will is a cool dad, very in love with his boy. Will and Caedmon are BEST FRIENDS now! Caed loves Uncle Wilt and playing with him. Will constantly kept him going and was so much fun to play with! They had a blast! Eating…I ate so much. So much good stuff! Mom is a great cook…I appreciate it more than ever. Apple Cider-ing with with whole family – fresh “organic” (well, sprayed once) apples from our old farm! First SNOW of the year was in WI on Oct 10th…that is just crazy.
Kitchen update: I came home to a chair rail up and lookin’ good and to painted walls. I painted the red wall this week and more coats of yellow. We only have a small area left to do and then the backplash and hanging things! Very very cool! I’m so excited! We are also getting a new dining room table – AWESOME!
Enjoy all the pictures!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


so, i love lists. yes, i looooooooooooooove them! and today, i completed one - my ikea shopping list.
i only didn't get 1 thing i NEEDED on the list: baskets.
some random thoughts, listed.

1. i had a dream last night about richard pulsfus, an old childhood love :) that was random
2. i painted the kitchen, bottom half tonight
3. i only had 3 hours with my son today, that makes me sad.
4. it also makes me re-evaluate things...especially working
5. caedmon accidentally pushed the record button on dvr and happened to record funny. was this intentional?
6. only two days until i meet my nephew mason
7. laura wagner is hillarious! she's the best.
8. ryan's car - going to get fixed this weekend. about $500...not cool.
9. God is providing!
10. painting is actually great because i just escape and don't have to think.
11. i love my camera...its' almost our year anniversary as a couple. :)
12. SYTYCD makes me want a hard-dancer body. should've been a dancer...
13. caedmon has been doing so well in DC...but not napping. today he said, after a 10 minute nap, "ok, caedmon done napping now." what a guy!
14. praying hard for a great travel day on friday. we leave so early in the a.m. and that is usually when caemdon is waking up for the first time, only to be drowsy for more hours. 5:20...we have to leave the house. please pray for a good little boy, no "accidents", and sanity, and strength, and joy. i need to make the best of the time we have together, i keep reminding myself.
15. I have a heart for people with hurting marriages and desire to help people...i need to see how God can help me use this heart and help heal his children.
16. 16 is my favorite number and my co-worker's too...random.
17. i'm going to try mary kay's mineral foundation instead of bareminerals...not cause i dont like it, but because jen sold me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

a super life we lead...

i'm so thankful for this week...last week was rough and this one was great.

we did have our share of trials with out 2 year old...he is a handful, but a blessing. the best day of this week was when he dressed up as CAPTAIN CAEDMON! so adorable. i love him so much and brought so much joy to us and made us smile. we had a fun time cheeeeering and flying with
Captain Caedmon.
Another highlight of this week was rekindling a relationship with a close friend. for years we've both felt the loss of our friendship and on Wednesday morning we talked. thank God for facebook and for honesty. when talking to her, i realized something that is true but i never articulated it.
"growing up is great! we can get real and HONESTY comes out and we can get rid of Drama and hiding the truth. our immaturity was evident, and now being a grown up we can even admit to that and not feel ashamed."
i felt so much relief after we talked, it was like a part of my old self was back. i don't want the bad part, but she was a GREAT part. i had forgiven her years about and never hated her just missed her so much and feel like we've come full circle and now no matter what we'll always hve our "connection" back. Praise God for restoration and healing. my heart was filled with joy.
this weekend: Apple Picking today, fall pictures at the farm, rainy days coming: spent inside relaxing, cleaning and playing, beginning to decide on what to do about our dining room re-vamp next, and maybe a trip to IKEA. might actually start reparing some dining room walls and painting trim in there....hummmmm ideas ideas! searching for my lost fall decor...can't seem to find it anywhere. planning halloween costumes, maybe some sewing of them.
in other notes: ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL I MEET MASON! My newest nephew! i'm goign to WI next friday - monday! JOY!!!!! and i'll get to see elliot!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!!