Friday, November 20, 2009

new do

so, i got a new haircut. and that usually means the same ol, but this week...i was ready for something new when my old hairdresser came back from NYC! he's back! and i was so happy i let him do whatever he wanted.
so, that's what i got and i love it. ryan was so cute texting me while i was getting it dyed "GO FOR IT! CHOP IT!" and hoping that i would. so i did and he loves it. i am getting more used to it each minute really. so that is my major excitement in life...sad, but fun!
christmas time is coming...oh wait! it's thanksgiving in less than a week! once again, sad that we just pass by what a great holiday. but truely i can say that i am always thankful and constantly express my thanks to God for all he's done and is doing and will do for me and my family and those around me. i am forever thankful for the fact that he's given me LIFE and LIFE TO THE FULL! i have more than i ever need and could ever want in the life he's given me. This holiday season i am just going to try and try to be patient and not to stress.
my goal this week was NO STRESS and i think i succeeded. i haven't gotten stressed or anxious except for maybe a few minutes total this week. i'm feeling God's strength helping me with my anxiety. yes, i get anxious. about the stupidest things. people don't expect that with my personality, but i am a very anxious person. i'm just too highstrung and i know i need to chill. chill and let God fill....haha, lame. but really. i'm working on it daily.
enjoy the pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

promised land and hope....

so, this really isn't my usual post, but i have to write this down.
In Sunday school we're learning about the Isrealites and their unfaithfulness toward God even when he is ALWAYS Faithful!!!!
when reading i found it interesting that they are kept from THEIR promised land, for good reason. and it hit me...what is keeping me from my promised land. every day i'm going to try and break through one thing thats keeping me from my promised land, my abundant life, my JOY, my fullness of spirit, my "truth", because if i can overcome and have greater faith in HIM i will reach my promised land. i can be like Joshua and Caleb who recieved the prize. we all can. as i search to find what is keeping me from that Promised Land i know that it is clearly SIN. getting rid of the little things that "so easily entangle" us and running toward HIM, my PRIZE, my PROMISED LAND, will find all thatis missing in this mundane world. I do love life, but lately we've (ryan and i) been feeling like somethings missing. we need MORE, not materially - but spiritually. a hunger and a thirst for HIM.
the hope that we found in studying the isrealites was that even though they didn't enter the promised land, and maybe i "never" will, but their children did. and isn't that what we want? essentially all i now want in life (since having caedmon) is that he has a better life that I did...and mine has been pretty darn good :)
i desire that he reaches his promised land, and with the decisions i made i can teach him more so that he also overcomes and reaches the promises that God has for him.

ok, so i'm not the best writer, but i had to release that. i know that i have a desire to reach God's will fully for me and see what he has more me in a new way each day. I only want the same for my son.

God bless you all and give you HOPE for his promised land awaits!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

on the homefront...

so, what's been happening lately
1. fighting sickness
2. getting sick
3. finishing kitchen
5. working too much
6. Christmas planning and shopping
7. trying to re-prioritize, re-organize, and re-evaluate a lot

so, caedmon has been fighting fevers and coughing and a bad cold since friday night. it turned out to be an ear infection. he's doing okay, but not sleeping well and totally not himself. he's miserable, but trying to be a good boy. amazinly he's not had any accidents, is so polite saying he loves us and saying thank you all the time, and he's been a good boy despite. ryan has been an AMAZING daddy. doing pretty muche verything for him. they've been sleeping in the guest room, and ryans been getting up with him multiple times a night. i'm so thankful for ryan.
luckily, we had a day off this week for veteran's day. that was nice. i got my backsplash tile done! it just needs grout, but looks fabulous and really makes the kitchen complete! now only new curtain rods and some wall art projects and i'm done!
speaking of done: i'm done christmas shopping for caedmon! we're going to leave the rest of it up to grandma and grandpas! he was so easy this year: a few mega blocks sets and some cars and a few other little things. i'm excited for this Christmas, but i can't believe how fast this year has gone!!!!! my guy was just a toddler and now he's a BOY. i am planning a great christmas picture again this definite plan yet, but something is brewing :)
hopefully the next pictures i post are completed kitchen pictures!!! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Captain Caedmon Halloween!

Trick or treat! look for the Orange Squares! (aka recess cups)
Caed and his best friend Evee!

CAPTAIN CAEDMON's awesome pumkin- a batman pumpkin!