Monday, August 3, 2015


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Photo Credit: Laura Wagner Photography

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dunlea Family - Portrait Party - Westford, MA

June 7, 2015
Portrait Party Post 6:7

When Emma approached me about doing a Portrait Party I couldn't have been more excited! She had a perfect location - her Mother's award-winning garden in beautiful Westford, MA.  She also had a great network of Facebook friends and family who wanted updated photos. It was a perfect day and she and her mother were amazing hostesses!
I just love photographing Jack and Lily - they are always dressed adorably and have such fun personalities. We explored the garden and had a fun time right at "golden hour" 
Thank you, Emma for coordinating this fun day - you have a beautiful family!
These two are such buddies! Lily said, "Its kinda fun having a little brother!"
I agree, Lily! You will be best friend when you're grown up and love each other even more then!

Such a lovely couple - with a beautiful backyard and wonderful family!

Looking forward to many more seasons of photographs of this family!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scarlet is One! - Family Portraits - Chelmsford, MA

One year ago Scarlet's parents were surprised and overwhelmed with a surprise birth of their precious daughter at only 29 weeks. She was a fighter though, and through one very difficult summer she made her way from Boston to Lowell and then to her home. She has continued to impress, grow, and conquer many obstacles. I have photographed her at four different stages. It was so awesome to watch her sit up, smile, and act like such a "big girl" even though she's only a whopping 15lbs!

One shot of her from at 7 weeks, 5 months, 9 months, and 1 year! So thankful she's thriving so well and growing stronger every day! What a blessing!

Happy Birthday Scarlet!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Portrait Party - Leah C. - Children's Photography

June 7, 2015
Portrait Party Post 5:7

Leah was my first visitor for the portrait party and she was a perfect way to kick off my day. I loved listening to all her little stories between shots and we enjoyed our stroll around the garden, exploring different plants and flowers. She has a lot of smiles to share and melted my heart with her blue eyes!

Just so sweet!

And she can be silly too!!!!

Enjoy your summer Leah! Bubbles, Sunshine, and Happy Days ahead!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Portrait Party - DeNutte Family - Family Portraits

June 7, 2015
Portrait Party Post 4:7

When Ryan ran into the backyard garden I knew I was in for a fun session! This little boy has more energy than all three of mine combined! Ok, maybe not - but he's an active boy. He loved smelling all the flowers and then was ready to ham it up for the camera. He has dimples for days and a personality that just draws you in to his dark brown eyes!
His parents are such fun parents, running and playing with him the whole time! It goes without saying, I had a blast and hope to photograph this little wild man again!


He was so proud to be on top of that ladder! Such a fun boy!
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Jess & Evan - Engaged - Mt. Monadnock

Jess and Evan met in 2009 as summer camp students at Mount Monadnock Bible Conference. They were immediately drawn to each other and a friendship began and grew for three years before making their relationship official! It was a perfect idea to go back to where their relationship began to celebrate their engagement. Every area of the campground had a name, inside joke, or fun memory attached to it. The scenic view of Mount Monadnock was breathtaking and I can see why they fell in love here!
Evan and Jess have maintained a long distance relationship for almost four years by making the most of their time together - enjoying the outdoors, their families, and sharing common interests.  They are a perfect fit for each other and will have an amazing wedding next summer to finally celebrate becoming one! Congrats Jess and Evan - I wish you the best!

There is so much love and laughter shared between these two!
This porch held a lot of memories for them. A place they will hopefully return to for years to come!

Have fun planning and falling more in love before you "tie the knot!"

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Portrait Party - Kendra & William - Children's Portraits

June 7, 2015
Portrait Party Post 3:7

Kendra and William came ready with their smiles for our mini session on Sunday! Kendra is such a sweet spirited child, gentle and happy! She had practiced all her smiles - "big" "medium" and "small"! She loved the flowers and running through the garden.
William is 6 months old and he was a perfect doll! He even kept his fancy clothes clean - major props for that, William!

Kendra is just a doll!

Such a HAPPY BABY!!!

This really shows her sweet personality!

We even convinced Mom to get in the photos. Kendra was glad she did!