Wednesday, September 22, 2010

37 weeks and i'm feeeeeeeeeeeeling gooooooooood

yes, i'm actually feeling really good this week. last week was harder on my body and this week i'm settling in to this "dropped" belly and just willing to wait it out. tomorrow i have an appointment and will get checked, then tuesday i'll get checked to see if there was any progress in those 5 days...if so, i may consider some "help" along the way to get this baby here while my family is visiting.
some awesome baby blessings came our way this week:
1. SURPRISE SHOWER from our friends for our whole family. it was amazing - see hte pics on facebook.
2. Gifts from my parents for baby Reveley. they, of course, sent all things that we want/need and can totally use for baby!!!!! a new boppy lounger, a bundle-me, and some bottles. very cool. my mom is so considerate!
3. not a baby blessing, but a major good thing. Ryan's dad had a heart attack last week, out of the blue. this monday he had surgery and is recovering very well. its hard that ryan couldn't go to ARK to be there, but all is well and he's feeling better. We are thankful for all the prayers and support they've had while flynn was in the hospital and as he continues to heal.
4. our baby names are no longer 100% secret, we told all of our closet friends at the shower. it was fun to share. teh girl name got rave reviews and the boy name was looked at "questionably" but they all liked it. kinda like when we dropped the Caedmon-bomb on everyone. no one expected a name like that and it seemed to foreign, but its SO him now. i'm sure if its a boy the same thing will happen.

so, waiting for baby reveley is going smoothly and this our last week of normalcy before my fam comes and i'm out of work, etc.
whew! i'm ready...i think....ahah

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  1. getting so close and you are looking so awesome. not gonna lie...wish i could con some of those close friends into telling me the names ha. i know yours will be so sweet. praying for a healthy baby :)