Friday, December 17, 2010

another ten

10 things we love about Shepherd at 10 weeks

1. HE SLEEPS! yes, still! he sleeps so well. even if he doesn't take his long naps, his night time is great! HE goes to bed about 9 to 9:30 and only wakes up one time in the night and then in the a.m. before i got to work. THIS IS A GOD SEND FOR OUR FAMILY! HES AMAZING!
2. the chunk - we love the chunky wrists, thighs, cute!
3. THE SMILE! its so beautiful and he loves to smile at Caedmon, mommy, and daddy.
4. How you look at Caedmon. Shep loves caedmon, loves to pay attention to him, loves to see what hes doing, and he's always looking for him. even when caed is a little rough on him he's still happy.
5. your eyes - they are getting lighter, but have a depth to them that is so beautiful
6. how chill you are - we take you anywhere, make you wait to eat often because of many 3 year old interruptions, and you don't mind!
7. kicky-play-play : when you kick and play on the floor
8."strong man" i call you "strongman" beacuse you love to hold you head up and try and sit up and push up...all about up - mostly to get a better view of caedmon!
9. soft skin - i still kiss you so much and love those soft soft cheeks!
10. holding you - its still nice that shep is at the stage where he's not too heavy to carry around, he's just the perfect accessory! when i'm home with him i hate to put him down becuase i know how fast this time will go!


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