Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Announcing Baby Reveley #3

The Reveley Family is happy to announce that #3 is on the way! We were shocked to find out ourselves, but now very excited to share the news.
Some of your questions answered:
Due Date: July 10, 2012
How far along am I: 13 weeks today
How have I been feeling?: EXTREMELY tired, fatigued, and yucky the first 10 - 11 weeks. now, i'm doing much better, but not 100%, especially after getting the flu on New Years Day. I pretty much have been teh same as the other two pregnancies and started the same weight for all three of these.
Are we finding out?: YES, we actually are! We'll find out around valentine's day and after a fun Gender Revel party, we'll let the rest of the world know. We are excited to find out because there is so much to do if it is a girl. If it is a boy we need to pick the perfect name!!!!
What do the Big Brothers think: Shep - no response! haah, he'll only be 21 months when baby 3 arrives, but we think he'll adjust ok. Caedmon - VERY EXCITED! even before we told him I was pregnant he was asking me to have another baby, " a girl this time!" Now he's very excited. he rubs my belly and called that baby, his "little seamonkey" yesterday. Very cute. He said if it is a girl it should be named Madeline and if it is a boy it should be named "Johnson". He's very creative and funny about this one and very interested. After seeing the video of the ultrasound he was even more excited and can't wait to have another one.
So, we're on this journey again and very excited! Life is good and we are blessed. God knows what we can handle and he's gracious to gift another life into our hands. Ryan and I are so excited to see how our family is going to grow this year! HAPPY NEW YEAR, more to come!


  1. so exciting to go on this journey with you! and even more excited that you are finding out this time :) congratulations and i hope your energy returns soon.

  2. so happy for your family! congrats again!