Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Turn the Raining into Dancing!!! Lindsay & David, Peabody, MA - Wedding Photography

Nothing could stop the fun and love that was about to happen on Sunday, July 26th at the Smith Barn in Peadoby! Lindsay and David were getting married, rain or shine!!!! Thankfully the sun broke through as they exchanged vows inside and the rest of the night was beautiful!

I had a great opportunity to work with my favorite photographer, Laura Wagner Photography, and share in this beautiful day. 
Her blog is beautiful of this amazing wedding, so I wanted to show you all some from my "second-shooter perspective."

As a second shooter I get to be a bit more relaxed and try to catch some different angles and expressions. This wedding was SO EASY! Every corner held a different chance to catch a perfect shot. I had a blast seeing this gorgeous couple become "one"! 

    A view from above! This barn was such a great location!!!!

Best of all, when the Bride and Groom are off with the photographer I can take some time to snap pictures of details of the day. Like these gorgeous homemade bouquets. 

Seriously, It doesn't get more manly than this. A "viking man ring", chest hair, awesome beard...need I say more. And...it doesn't get more GORGEOUS than this lovely bride. Such an iconic look. 

And, even this "not your perfect shot-shot" - I had to keep it because It's so cute and seeing them welcomed by all their guests before their first dance was such a sweet moment!
I love being a second photographer and getting to share in so many wedding days!


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