Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personal Post - October 2014 in Photos

I wanted to share some personal favorites from his month. Between taking photos for everyone else, I still always have my camera around at home. I love capturing my boys more than anything else and "practice makes perfect!"
A month in review - October 2014

This guy turned 4 this month!

This one is showing his true colors - He's wild and moody, but a whole lot of adorable!

My boys love to pretend and play SUPERHEROES!

We spent a super fun day at the Topsfield Fair!

I love fall leaves, I love WARM fall days, I love fun shoes - me...in a nutshell

Bondfire with the Wagners :) Another warm night!

Caed had a great soccer season, worked hard and had fun!


Marvel Mashers

Caedmon set up his own "photoshoot" for his "cd cover" for his new "lp"...yeah, he's my dreamer. I love him and his creativity. He did this all on his own and was a posing pro.

THIS GUY - he had a birthday too and...I love him more than ever :)

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