Sunday, May 10, 2015

MOTHERS DAY 2015- Personal Post - Because of You!

These boys make me who I am! Love them so much!

 I had a wonderful mother's day celebrating at Castle Island in South Boston. It was a perfect day, my idea of perfect anyway, including 88 degree weather, suntans, beaches, seafood, and a photo session to cap off the day. I am seriously so thankful I'm a mom. It is the greatest blessing I've ever received. Knowing that I have three boys to lead, guide, laugh with, and love is overwhelming - in a good way. We have our challenges, our communication breakdowns, our crazy days, and our out of control moments - but we ALWAYS end the day with thanksgiving.
My mom used to have a embroidered wall hanging in our home it read, "There Will Be Years for Cleaning and Cooking, for Children Grow Ip When We're Not Looking."
I have to admit, there are times I'm "not looking", but I try daily to look at the little things. Here are a few little things I noticed about my boys today.

He LOVES being Loved. He loves knowing I'm there for him. He needs me.

He's so smart...always thinking, always remembering. I hope he remembers these moments we shared today.

I'm definitely his first love. Lucky me!

Caedmon - 7.5 years

His sunkissed nose is so cute. Covered in little perfect freckles. 

Today he asked me to cuddle him longer, I hope he always asks for an extra hug.

He is growing up, starting to do more things alone. He's proud of his new independence. 

Shepherd - 4.5 years old

This one is more like me than the others - He loves to be FREE!

He's still just a baby sometimes and I'll hold on to that as long as I regrets. 

He has a smile that will light up this world and make girls swoon - especially this girl. 

Rex - 2.5 years old
I chose to quit my regular scheduled job and take a leap of faith to follow my creative instincts and start ABR Photography & Design. I did this to be with these boys and be there to experience more moments like the ones we shared today. This is a choice I made two years ago and have never regretted. Thank you to all my clients, family, and friends who have made these past two years a reality and in turn have made me a better mom to these three boys.

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