Friday, November 20, 2009

new do

so, i got a new haircut. and that usually means the same ol, but this week...i was ready for something new when my old hairdresser came back from NYC! he's back! and i was so happy i let him do whatever he wanted.
so, that's what i got and i love it. ryan was so cute texting me while i was getting it dyed "GO FOR IT! CHOP IT!" and hoping that i would. so i did and he loves it. i am getting more used to it each minute really. so that is my major excitement in life...sad, but fun!
christmas time is coming...oh wait! it's thanksgiving in less than a week! once again, sad that we just pass by what a great holiday. but truely i can say that i am always thankful and constantly express my thanks to God for all he's done and is doing and will do for me and my family and those around me. i am forever thankful for the fact that he's given me LIFE and LIFE TO THE FULL! i have more than i ever need and could ever want in the life he's given me. This holiday season i am just going to try and try to be patient and not to stress.
my goal this week was NO STRESS and i think i succeeded. i haven't gotten stressed or anxious except for maybe a few minutes total this week. i'm feeling God's strength helping me with my anxiety. yes, i get anxious. about the stupidest things. people don't expect that with my personality, but i am a very anxious person. i'm just too highstrung and i know i need to chill. chill and let God fill....haha, lame. but really. i'm working on it daily.
enjoy the pics.