Sunday, January 17, 2010


as i sat in my kitchen today, hearing my 2 year old SCREAM, "CUPCAKESSSSSSSSSS!" in the maddest most stressed out voice, i said to myself, "i see a blog post coming."
so, cupcakes it is.
no, he didn't get his cupcake, and i didn't get to go on a photoshoot with laura, but i did learn a lesson.
my son - cute and smart and awesome as he may be - is still a 2 year old. i was in denial for awhile. i woudln't embrace the idea of the "terrible 2" but i have embraced it. caedmon is just A LOT right now. he's been very demanding and was told a few times this weekend, "you're ruining mommy's birthday weekend." poor guy, but it was kinda true. every time we went to have fun this weekend, he was there to throw a fit.
(and, i was ust interrupted to take him to the potty, in which he pooped his pants. hasn't done that since AUGUST!)
deep breath...
but you know what, even when we're taken to the point where we just want to freak out and throw a fit ourselves, those fruits of the spirit actually kick in - THANK GOD! i love being his mommy and i don't have to re-iterate how much i love him or how much he means to me. i just had to come to the realization that yes, he is in the terrible 2s and no this is not always easy.
so, saturday was my b-day. i'm 27...and we had a nice day, despite a few fits by the little man.
best things about my b-day
1. got to go to IKEA, my favorite place
2. got an amazing teap pot from ryan. very thoughtufl gift.
3. my gift is redoing my scrapbook room! AWESOME! we're starting on that this afternoon with assitance from the wagners
4. ate out twice and didn't feel guilty. had lunch at IKEA and dinner at CASA BLANCA..the best darn mexican joint right next to our house.
5. was able to see both of my nephews, by skype, but nonetheless, it was sweet.
6. got a lot of love and money :) going to have to spoil myself some more
7. a very special gift, from my grandma, a painting my great grandma did. caedmon's great great grandma - i'll post a picture of it!
8. didn't feel fat! two weeks i've been depriving myself so i'd feel good on my b-day!
9. made from scratch amazing cupcakes and enjoyed every bit of its goodness- hence the title.

so, my b-day was nice! hoping for a nice year. as LAMAR would say, "2009 wasn't mine, 20-10 i'm in again." 09 wasn't the best year, and 26 was a little blah, but i have hope for an amazing 2010!

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