Friday, January 22, 2010

too much time

too much OVERTIME.
i've been working so much i feel like! this week was a drain, but i did get an early start on my weekend by getting out at noon today. it doesn't feel like friday and thats a good thing!
today caedmon and i had a lot of fun together. we were with eachother from 12 to 8, not always the case lately, so i just ate him up!
caedmon things today:
1. he loves pretend and so i was hawkgirl and he was hawkman. he WORE out my arms with all the diving and jumping. mid jump, he'd just stop and almost out of breathe say, i love you mommy so much!
2. colored, stickered, puzzled,and did a worksheet. i love to see him create. he really is creative and loves to color and draw and mostly stick stickers. but the best thing he did was put together a puzzle. all by himself. he got this puzzle on wednesday and has it mastered. its a 25 piece pooh puzzle. we're amazed. he even did some math homework! ahaha (i'm trying to challenge him to think and do worksheets.)
3. run in! he was all about acting like the jonas brothers and running in to sing on stage. "LIVE TO PARTY!" he knows this song by heart and loves to run in and sing it loud!
i had a great time with him and got a few cute pictures. i'll post them soon!

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