Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Announcements :-)

Here are some of the ways we've decided to tell everyone about Baby Reveley!
We're so excited to finally share the news with you all and are blessed by God with this gift!
Pray for this little baby and for this adjustment to our family, we are thankful!

We found out about Baby Reveley2 on Feb 8th and were so estatic!

first ultrasound after my first dr. visit, march 5, 2010. caedmon was there. all we got to see was a little blob with a heartbeat. that was good enough for me! 8 weeks!

second ultrasound, March 29th, just for the fun of it! 12 weeks along and the dr. surprised me with an ultrasound. used this picture to tell everyone on facebook!how we told everyone at work. I set this on my desk and co-workers who stopped by took an egg. they got a treat and saw the message, "Announcing Baby Reveley hatching this October" So many people were excited (it doesn't hurt that i work with 95% women who all love children and babies!) I had two very memorable reactions from lucy and michelle! they were awesome!


  1. So exciting Allie!! Congratulations :)

  2. i love those picture and fun ideas. i am so excited for you guys and praying for the little one :)

  3. I would have paid GOOD MONEY to see Michelle's reaction. :) I bet it was awesome. :) And what a creative way to tell everyone! You guys are such a fun family. :) Congrats!

  4. we are so excited for you guys!!! :) we can't wait to see if you are having a little girl or boy!! :) caed will be a great big brother!!! he is such a sweetie pie!
    hope your pregnancy is going well so far!!!