Saturday, March 27, 2010

my boy favorite quotes from this week

some cute things that caedmon has done lately:

I know i've mentioned that he's starting to "read" here is proof. While peeing the other day, he said, "Mommy, does that say Kohl's" I said, "like Kohl's the store?" he replied, "YEP!"
picture to prove he's not crazy. It wasn't exactly KOHLS but it was sure close!
Prayer at dinner time tonight when Laura and Ryan were here:
"Thank you Jesus, for this day. Thank you for mommy. Please help Caedmon sleep in his new bed all night. Thank you for this food and bless our body. In name, amen."

as Ryan Wagner said, "that was just pretty precious!" we agreed.

After the prayer he said, "thank you mommy for making dinner." He has been doing that lately, following in his daddy's footsteps :)

Also funny, in arguement this week:
Daddy: "Absolutely no!" Caedmon: "hummm, absolutely YES!"

On skype with wes and grandma and great-grandma:
"Grandma you coming to my house? you going to the airport, taking an airplane? Okay, you can come now"

Hilllllllllllllarious moment pictured below:
Green lantern of course!
Tonight before bed:

Caedmon:"I'm not afraid." Daddy: "Not afraid of what?" Caedmon: "I'm just afraid because God is with me."

In regards to filling up his sticker chart.

Mommy: "If you fill up your sticker chart and stay in your own bed all night we'll take you to Target to get a prize." Caedmon: "ohhhhhhhhh! I'll go to target and get chocolate?!" Mommy: You want chocolate? or how about a toy Caedmon: "ohhhhhhhhhhh, just chocolate and a drink, from that other coffeehouse." (speaking of starbucks)

and according to caedmon everything we ask is, "no problem!" and Jelly Beans are called, "jelly balls!"

more exciting caedmon comments to come i'm sure. he's always crackin' us up!!!!
tonight he's trying out his new big boy bed for the first time! we're hoping it will help with sleeping!!!!


  1. oh allie, i hope the big boy bed did the trick!!! we're having issues lately with noah not wanting to be in his bed...only in ours! yikes! i feel your pain! i love all the quotes!!! he is getting to be such a big boy!!!

  2. OH man. What a SMART little boy! :).. and adorable to boot! :) Can't wait to hear what he'll have to say when the new little brother or sister arrives! ;)