Friday, April 16, 2010

14 weeks...almost gone.

I'm 14 weeks pregnant which doesn't sound like very far along.

somethings about this pregnancy so far:

1. extreme fatigue

2. have no idea what boy name i'd use

3. less "excitment" than with caedmon but more readiness. i am excited, but not nervous excited. just ready to see what life with two is like

4. love peanut butter and jelly

5. hate meat, unless i don't cook it

6. lost my desire to cook

7. haven't gained anything, lost some weight

8. felt the baby a few times already, coooool

9. already had two little ultrasounds! that has been fun. ready for the big on in May, even though we're not finding out i can't wait to see more of our baby

10. thinking of caedmon as a big brother has been weird! but fun!

11. haven't boughten one baby thing.

12. starting to buy diapers sooooooooooon. need ot stock up. if you have any great deals or see any online coupons, ect. let me know! we'll be stockin' up ahead of time!

14. pretty sure it's another boy, but would be estatic with a daughter. it would be the first grandaughter too. but, another boy would be great and we'd be all set.

15. plan on re-doing the room after the baby is born, for its first christmas present.

16. LOVE my baby and my baby's daddy so much! xoxo

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  1. totally feel #3..i am much less excited, but more ready too..i'm just ready to get him here and enjoy life with two boys! i think too, that because we are already so busy with toddlers that it's harder to be so focused on the new baby. do you feel like some days you almost forget you're pregnant? i think it's normal!