Thursday, April 22, 2010

road trip!

Details of our April Vacation Road Trip:
woke up 7:00 a.m. Saturday April 17th
Caedmon woke up happy and said, "we going on vacation?!" he was ready to rock and roll and happy to jump in the car.
out the door and down the road at 8:07 a.m.

First set-back: turned around at 8:29 after ryan realized he forgot his wallet.

back on 495S at 8:50 a.m....starting over.

Car Mileage 17,870 at the start - on our way to Pittsburgh, about a 9.5 hour drive.

Ate at the famous Primanti Brother's sandwhich shop. On food network and referred to us by our buddy Fred PErkins. Loved it. the best sandwhich on the trip, the second best was a real turkey and mushroom melt. we ate gooooooooooooooood on this trip.

Got lost around the city of pittsburgh because of road construction. Arrived at hotel at 8:15 p.m. and asleep about 10:15
Woke up and skipped church sunday...i know i know...
Drove to our first real destination: MASON, OH

Arrived at Great wolf lodge ( at 2 p.m. and hit the waterpark! it was awesome. caedmon was in love and we had a blast. it was probably the best day of our trip. Took a break, shopped around MASON, got dinner, and back to the waterpark.

Total hours in the car: 15 hours

Monday April 19: Destination, Petersburg Kentucky - the Creation Museum ( This was something on our "To do in 5 years" list. It was awesome, and something Ryan had really wanted to do. It was a great testimony to our faith our history and above all GOD. it was awesome. we enjoyed it all. unfortunatly, it was a little "advanced" for caedmon.

Left the museum about 3 p.m. and went to Florence, KY to take rest. This pregnant momma was getting tired! Caedmon watched a movie and ryan worked on seminary work. then, we went out again. Ate at famous dave's bbq....delicious!

Tuesday April 20: left hotel at 9:30 in route for the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a beautiful day and the zoo was nice. Unfortunatley, it wasn't caedmon's favorite. he's just not that into it, but he really liked comparing the animals to the characters in Madagascar.

We left the zoo earlier than expected, about 1p.m. and got on the road

Ryan got pulled over at 3ish and got a speeding ticket...from here it was pretty much downhill.

long story short: horrible pizza dinner which lead to Caedmon projectile vomitting all over the car at 9:30 pm., stopping our road trip way early for the night. we had to stop at the nearest hotel and clean out puke from our son, his carseat, and our whole car....whoa. a testing parenting situation for sure! we made it through.

Tuesday April 22nd7.5 hours left, and a sick boy...we thought we were in for it. but....he was AMAZING! he was sooooooooo good and didnt get sick and just watched movies and slept. it was a great rest of the ride home. the best part was arriving here and Laura brought us a homemade dinner! she's the best!

so, all in all our trip to OH, KY, PA was great and we are so happy we went! we enjoyed it and made the best of the "bumps in the road".

final mileage: 1896
total hours: 32 hours 25 seconds :)

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  1. so glad you went through with it! great pictures and i enjoyed the little journey. can't believe he is sick again poor thing. maybe never even got over it the first time? that lodge with the waterpark looks so neat.