Thursday, August 12, 2010

August b-day boys!

Today is my dad's 62nd birthday - retirement age, right? NO WAY! This guy is more active than ever and such an inspiration. He is a perfect example that if you love what you do, no age can define when you should stop. mom would argue and say, mayb he needs to slow down a little bit!

My dad has always been an amazing father, and we knew he'd be an AWESOME grandfather! When he got three little boys off the bat, that was PERFECT! Dad is awesome with all the little guys, always teaching them and laughing, playing, and rough-housing. I just wish he was able to see Caedmon more because they are SO much alike! i'm blessed beyond belief with this father and caedmon and baby don't even realize how great of a grandfather they have yet. Someday when they look back at the pictures of themselves with him I hope they see his JOY!

Here is a great picture of dad with Mason, his youngest grandson, my brother's boy. Mason is a funny little sweetheart. Dad and Mason are "tight" because they get to see eachother a little more than the rest of the boys. So cute!

Speaking of MASON, it is almost his first birthday - saturday! I can't believe how much he's changed in one year. He's a big boy, so full of happiness, and very laid back. I loved watching him scoot around at the cabin on vacation and it was especially cute watching my brother and his wife with their adorable son! Mason is going to be a very smart boy, we can already see that. Not to mention, HANDSOME! his blue eyes are so bright and he's just wonderful!

enjoy these pictures of my august bday boys!

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