Sunday, June 27, 2010

be impressed

seriously. you can be envious and impressed by this blog post.
haha, just kidding. i'm just so excited about the last 4 days! i've had the best long "weekend" it was great not having to work and i got so much accomplished.

just to name a few things:
1. finally got some sun. swam and played in the pool with caedmon at our friend's the Meitzner's
2. relaxed
3. organized, even my underware drawer got organized! i have a list of more things i want to clean out/sort before this summer is through but i got a chunk of it done.
4. began work on VBS
5. created a new logo for our church to launch our new website.
6. chose paint and painted caedmon's new room, the superhero room as it used to be affectionatly called. he will get this room on his bday or a few days before when we're actually celebrating his bday
7. hit some awesome garage sales, got baby girl clothes. justification: i have nothing girly. i have tons of boy stuff, it only cost me a few bucks, there IS a 50% chance i am having a girl, if i don't, i know a million people who are having children or will have children in the next year or so :) so there! hahah
8. got a bookshelf for the baby room that match the furniture perfectly, only $5! got some maternity shorts which were a must and a top for practically nothing!
9. went out for breakfast with my boys, had a blast!
10. took down and cleaned all my mini blinds in the upstairs, and put them back up. success
11. paint is 100% complete in caed's new room
12. organized my computer desk
13. only spent a total of $60 this weekend which is AWESOME for us, including all the garage sales, two trips to gary's *ice cream place across the street hahah, had to try the new JAVABERRY(coffee ice cream with rhaspberries), out to eat for breakfast, and trip to walmart.
14. scrapbooked! got a few pages done that i have been working on for months.
15. took some maternity pics with the assistance of my awesome "photographer want-to-be" hub
16. watched a total of 14 episodes of "24" only the best show ever! why did no one ever make me watch this before!!!! it's awesome
17. grocery shopped because it's going to be "sandwhich week" at the reveleys. trying new kinds of yummmy sandwhiches! can't wait. (groceries don't count in the $60 spent)
18. planned caedmon's 3rd bday party, which i didn't plan on doing, but what the heck. he deserves it he's the best!
19. scored a twin bed for caedmon's room. at the present we only had a metal frame, box spring and matress - now we're all set: FREE!
20. worshiped God! that was the best, so i saved it for last! church is looking more encouraging these days which is great!

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