Monday, October 11, 2010

Family of Four - Week 1

So, our first week as a family of four has been emotional, intense, exciting, relaxing at times, and even so - very smooth.

Since Shepherd's birth and coming home our first priority was really Caedmon's adjustment or lack there of. He's adjusted amazingly well to the well! he loves him so much, kisses him, loves to see him and hug him and wants to hold him, but he's not overwhelming him or me. We did notice, until today, that Caedmon was "out of sorts" just not himself. He would act up for ryan and i, but was perfect for my mom or whoever else was watching him. His behavior was just so not "him" and a few times really brought Ryan and I to tears. We knew this would be a transition time, but it's still hard to go through. We just kept saying, We're sooooooo thankful he's nice to the baby. Not once has he said anything negative about Shepherd. He calls him "shep-her-deeeeee" and is interested in the "built in bottles of milk" that mommy has. That took some explaining :)
Caedmon was back to normal today - PRAISE THE LORD! he played like normal, ate like normal, acted like Caedmon again. wheew!!!
the morning i went into labor caedmon came into our bed like normal, at about 6:30 a.m. until contractions were less than 5 apart and i knew it was going to get serious. I just held him, my only son at the time, and cried and cried. I just kept thinking this was it, i was going to have two children by the end of this day and things were going to change forever. He said, " i love you mommy" and hugged me back. These "last" moments with him i'll always remember because it gave me the strength to really get serious about the labor and bring Caedmon his brother or sister home.
so, now that we're adjusting and doing well, i'm just taking a sigh of relief knowing my boys are here. i have BOYS, i have's great! We'll go through so many transitions and changes, but we're also going to have a millllllion amazing experiences!

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  1. Allie, this made me cry. I'm so happy you and your boys are doing so well! It's so sweet to hear how strong a mother's love is. (Especially between mom and son's, but I'm partial.)