Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whats up with my boys...

well, we're adjusting well...that's only thanks to 1. the grace of God, 2. my mom being here and doing practically everyting 3. the fact that ryan and are what i call "semi-professional" parents..(we're on our way to going all-pro but there are a lot of things we haven't conquered yet. )
4. the fact that i get to sleep in until 9ish every morning, sometimes 10. i'm a bear without a lot of sleep.

some funny things happening around here and some Shepherd notes :)
we did Shepherd's newborn pics at 6 days old, most of you may have seen them on Facebook or on laura's! well, in the process caedmon decided to sit on the chair that we had planned to use for shep, and said the following, "say, HI GOD!"
response from the crowd, "what?!?!"
caedmon, "say - "HI GOD", i'm God, in the throne."
response, "so, what you're saying is that you're God, sitting on a throne and want us to say Hi to you?"
caedmon, "yes!"

as the day went on, and the week went on - this little guy got more and more hillarious in his comments. like, after learning where he lived *Chelmsford, Massachusetts of course* he told his grandpa he lived in "Honk Kong"...he's crazy.

Shepherd is a good, good, good baby. Unfortunately he has a cold right now, and so he really does sleep and sleep, at night he was doing great until this little cold. We're having him sleep in the bassinet next to our bed and he's doing really well. He eats quickly and like a champ - no issues there. i have to start storing up milk for work though...oh boy.
Shepherd's eyes are turning more blue and he's a very BRIGHT baby. we notice how different he is from how caedmon was, but we love it. he's more cuddly and gentle and "soft". i've been decorating his room this week and as soon as i get curtains we'll unvail it! it's almost done and is very boyish and cute. i'm happy with the "bug car" theme, as mom calls it.
Shep is about 7.5 lbs now and sooo tiny.

we have Three Rules for Caedmon when it comes to Shepherd
2. NO LICKING HIM (yes, caedmon loves to lick shepherd, we can't figure that one out)

so far so good...we'll need to add more rules i'm sure like, no carrying him soon i think, but other than that Caed has been an amazing big brother and has only asked to, "Send Sheppy back to the hospital" once.

more excitement to come i'm is good.

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