Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Reveley Boys - Fall Children's Portraits - Chelmsford, MA

I literally FALL more in love with these boys every day! I am so thankful they were in the mood to cooperate, and my oldest son even "directed" some of these poses for him and his brothers. We had so much fun running around the forest this past week in hopes to grab a few great shots.
My boys mean everything to me, and are the reason I'm a photographer. I want to capture them EVERYDAY and...I'm pretty sure I have. We actually have a lot of fun on photo shoots and I love just getting to see each of their personalities shine!

Can you guess who set this shot up?

I'm always in search of what I call "THAT ONE SHOT" - today I got it! 

Caedmon, 7                                Shepherd, 4                                        Rex, 2

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