Friday, January 9, 2015

Crossfit781 - Promotional Images - Weymouth, MA

This week I spent a great afternoon with a super high energy and fun group of people at CrossFit781! Danielle and Jason are doing an amazing job with their clients and staff at this gym. It was fun to meet with them, learn more about CrossFit, and experience a workout with some of their clients. All in all, I was the lucky one - I didn't have to do 7 minutes of burpees!

This was also a great opportunity to get in some head-shots for Jason, who is writing a book.

Tell me...when was the last time you had this much fun at work...or at the gym!?!
Follow this fun group on Instagram too: @crossfit781 #beastsof781 #crossfit781

Crossfit781 has an awesome blog that anyone interested in powerlifting, CrossFit, and overall physical wellness should defintely checkout. The images we captured will be used on promotional tools for their upcoming classes, clinics, and more!

Check out their website:

and these...because every gym needs a mascot...or two!

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