Friday, January 16, 2015

Krista Angelucci - Promotional Images - Lowell, MA - Mill No. 5

You know when you're having so much fun you don't even realize you're actually working? Yeah, its rare, but it does happen. It happens to me every time I photograph Krista Angelucci! We have so much fun and I love hearing about her blossoming music career and life in Nashville. It's been amazing to watch her flourish and see her style and sound really develop. 
Krista was home from Nashville for the holidays and we took some time to meet up at Lowell's cool Mill No. 5 to take some updated portraits. So, I've been holding off on sharing until today - because it's KRISTA's BIRTHDAY!

Every shot is so easy - she's flawless!

Thanks again to MillNo.5 for the use of this awesome space!

More to share after the release of her new EP! I'm designing the cover art and promotional flyers - excited to share that with you all!

To find out more about Krista visit and find her on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and more!

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