Tuesday, December 1, 2009

how could i not be thankful?

thanksgiving was a nice time spent with ryan's parents. we thankful that Caedmon loved being with his grandparents and they gave us some "time off" as full time parents :)

we celebrated christmas and thanksgiving in one weekend, which was nice and a good way to get a lot of "quality family time" with ry's parents who we haven't seen in a year!

actual thanksgiving was spent stuffing our faces at the Drumm's house, eating so much i was practically sick. a good sick! then, laurel and i went shopping from 5:30-7ish. that was great, got some good deals and matching outfits for my family christmas pictures that are always a hit! coming soon...this week!

caed and evee were adorable friends. they were so sweet together, and he just laughs at the thought of evee. he loves her so much and loves everything she does!

black friday was awesome - got some amazzzzzzzing deals!

parenting note: caedmon has not been eating meat. he's been not eating any meat unless we hide it in a quesadilla. we have NEVER had eating problems EVER but now since he was sick he doesn't like to eat anything that has FLAVOR. he's not into anything but rice, yougurt, pasta, and fruit snacks. so, we're tricking him into it.

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  1. Glad you all had a great thanksgiving. If he won't do meat, you could try other alternatives like peanut butter, cheese, beans, and nuts. I have to buy Peanut butter in bulk at Costco because Alanna hates meat! Apparently, she was born to be a vegetarian. I'm sure he'll eat it again eventually.