Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas time is here!

so, as christmas has approached i've been trying to not stress again - that is my goal. and i would say i'm achieving it, other than the crazy CCA christmas pageant day, but we recovered.

things caedmon has been doing:

meeting santa - that was a huge highlight! he was not his normal bubbly self, caedmon was close to nap time and was very chill. he walked right up, we were first in line. caedmon got right up on santa's lap and said, "Hi, i want drumming, guitar, and microphone. i saw you on prep and landing" Here is the link to prep and landing, the nbc Disney Pixar special - so awesome!http://abc.go.com/watch/prep-and-landing/243219/243629/prep-landing After meeting Santa Caedmon has gotten really into the "good boy" side of things. he understands that santas coming and bringing him presents that Jesus picked out just for caemdon because he loves him. that's what he thinks.
sunday we got snow...lots of snow. we only played in it a bit before he said, "its freeeezing." yes, caedmon it is freezing. ryan had to snow blow twice and church was cancelled. the bummer - caedmon's sunday school christmas production was cancelled to. the upside - it got rescheduled for christmas eve.
ponderings for the new year:
1. i just can't work this much. i know i've said that before but after hearing this, i just can't:
"momma you're going to work?" me : "no, i'm not going to work today, it's sunday." caedmon: "YES!caedmon don't like when momma goes to work." that broke my heart. when i told my mom this story, i thnk she cried. not cool. sad. i just don't want to be away from him. i miss him just like he's a newborn still! and i love getting things done at home.
2. scrpabooking. it was my LIFE! now, i never really hve time to do any. and when i do have time, i have NO energy left over. however; this week caedmon and ryan spent time in my scrapbook room, what caedmon calls my "workshop" ADORABLE! we made cards and caedmon drew on paper and made bookmarks. the cutest was when he said, "dadddddy!I made this for you! i made it for you! come and see, daddy!" he was so proud! he loves to color. so, i have to make more time to get things done, it relaxes me and helps me remember all the good times and good things in life!
i had so much fun shopping this year for chrsitmas this year. i have a few things left and then i'm home free! not free by any means, but i'll be headed home with one whole suitcase just for gifts probably!
new pictures are coming!


  1. LOVED your Christmas card girl!!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. what a cute picture. that santa is way better than the one amelia saw. i honestly hope you can find a way to work less. and i remember looking at all your scrapbooks and being in awe. so, here's to getting back in that. merry christmas.