Tuesday, December 8, 2009

in bed sleepy head

i guess i've been going to bed early and not bloggin...the holidays do wear me out a bit. mostly, i'm trying this holiday about all else *except getting amazing deals/bargains while out shopping* is to NOT STRESS. i just don't want stress. i want to relax. work has been a little stressful in and out lately and i want to just let it go and not freak out!
caedmon has been amazing though...very good boy. he's doing so well and we're extremely proud. everyday we say to eachother - how is our son over 2? how is our son almost 2.5? how did we get this far and not mess something up!?!? hahaha, not the last question actually. we know God is empowering us each day to raise this little boy and BOY is it a privledge.
caedmon's newest:
back to eating AWESOMELY well
practicing his lines for the christmas play at church:"We brought love, God loves us" instead he says "me and you and you and you," inplace of us.
momma, i wanna help you? caed constantly wants to help us cook, cut things, turn lights on and off, brush his teeth, do anything we need to do on our own. he just wants to help. it's a great thing.
"I MAKE YOU HAPPY!?" yes, caedmon you make me extremely happy. i had a crying day on sunday and he was just so sweet. rubbed my back and said that. how can you be sad after that. there is no way! he's so precious and "tenderhearted" just like ryan. i love it!
left and right: he knows his left and right on his hands and feet. some second graders don't even know that! hahaha
christmas countdown: everyday caed is in charge of changing our chrismas countdown chart. he loves this job. he knows that today is tuesday and it's 17 days until christmas. impressive.

yes, i realize i brag about him a lot...i can't help it. he amazes me and he's the only one i got to flaunt! so, deal! ahahah :)

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  1. brag all you want! he is a bragworthy kiddo!! :) i love the " i make you happy" that would totally melt my heart!