Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 great years - happy anniversary to me and ryan!

our 6th anniversary would be an eventful one. whenever you're juggling a graduation weekend, a 2 year old, a pregnancy, bridal showers, and more - all while trying to keep traditions and LOVE alive!
6 things:
1. our gift to eachother. never thought i'd be this excited, but we got a new vaccuum! love it! it's a little heavy, but works amazingly well and is AWESOME! thanks, ry! xo
2. one tradition, that we hope to keep up is going to kimball's farm for ice cream with caedmon. we did this on our 4th year anniversary. i got carmel cashew chip ice cream tooo good! caedmon didn't really "hang" with us, but was a little overtired and so our time at kimball's was a little bit of a bummer.
3. this guy. i have said it a million times, but he is sooooooooo amazing. i never thought i'd love him more than the day i married him, but we love eachother wayyyyyyyyyyy more some how. ryan makes me happy everyday. He helps me be a better person and mom. he encourages and loves me and makes me feel beautiful. i'm so in love more today than ever!
4. me, knew we wanted kids, but didn't see my 6 year anniversary as pregnant. i look so preggo! i'm popping out and not looking forward to getting bigger and bigger. but, i am looking forward to have our family and love grow more! i do look so worn out and tired in this pic, but that is how life has been lately. however, i'm happy content and thankful
5. kiss.
6. reminisce. 6 years ago....the best day ever. we had a beautiful wedding, with wonderful weather and amazing friends/family.

happy anniversary Ryan, i love you and our life together!!!!


  1. Love it and Love you guys :) Great pics and GREAT DRESS!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. You are one of the only couples I know that really show me that true love exists! I am beyond blessed to have you in my life!