Friday, October 2, 2009

a super life we lead...

i'm so thankful for this week...last week was rough and this one was great.

we did have our share of trials with out 2 year old...he is a handful, but a blessing. the best day of this week was when he dressed up as CAPTAIN CAEDMON! so adorable. i love him so much and brought so much joy to us and made us smile. we had a fun time cheeeeering and flying with
Captain Caedmon.
Another highlight of this week was rekindling a relationship with a close friend. for years we've both felt the loss of our friendship and on Wednesday morning we talked. thank God for facebook and for honesty. when talking to her, i realized something that is true but i never articulated it.
"growing up is great! we can get real and HONESTY comes out and we can get rid of Drama and hiding the truth. our immaturity was evident, and now being a grown up we can even admit to that and not feel ashamed."
i felt so much relief after we talked, it was like a part of my old self was back. i don't want the bad part, but she was a GREAT part. i had forgiven her years about and never hated her just missed her so much and feel like we've come full circle and now no matter what we'll always hve our "connection" back. Praise God for restoration and healing. my heart was filled with joy.
this weekend: Apple Picking today, fall pictures at the farm, rainy days coming: spent inside relaxing, cleaning and playing, beginning to decide on what to do about our dining room re-vamp next, and maybe a trip to IKEA. might actually start reparing some dining room walls and painting trim in there....hummmmm ideas ideas! searching for my lost fall decor...can't seem to find it anywhere. planning halloween costumes, maybe some sewing of them.
in other notes: ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL I MEET MASON! My newest nephew! i'm goign to WI next friday - monday! JOY!!!!! and i'll get to see elliot!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!!


  1. What an awesome superhero! I will look to you when the two's hit :) Can't wait to see updated kitchen pictures and apple picking shots.

  2. You just show me the way and I'll come up.
    I would really like to come visit you guys and that area of the country. I trust you; I'm sure this time of year is lovely.

    I love the superhero stage...the photos are awesome.
    Such a great lookin' and loving family.