Wednesday, October 7, 2009


so, i love lists. yes, i looooooooooooooove them! and today, i completed one - my ikea shopping list.
i only didn't get 1 thing i NEEDED on the list: baskets.
some random thoughts, listed.

1. i had a dream last night about richard pulsfus, an old childhood love :) that was random
2. i painted the kitchen, bottom half tonight
3. i only had 3 hours with my son today, that makes me sad.
4. it also makes me re-evaluate things...especially working
5. caedmon accidentally pushed the record button on dvr and happened to record funny. was this intentional?
6. only two days until i meet my nephew mason
7. laura wagner is hillarious! she's the best.
8. ryan's car - going to get fixed this weekend. about $500...not cool.
9. God is providing!
10. painting is actually great because i just escape and don't have to think.
11. i love my camera...its' almost our year anniversary as a couple. :)
12. SYTYCD makes me want a hard-dancer body. should've been a dancer...
13. caedmon has been doing so well in DC...but not napping. today he said, after a 10 minute nap, "ok, caedmon done napping now." what a guy!
14. praying hard for a great travel day on friday. we leave so early in the a.m. and that is usually when caemdon is waking up for the first time, only to be drowsy for more hours. 5:20...we have to leave the house. please pray for a good little boy, no "accidents", and sanity, and strength, and joy. i need to make the best of the time we have together, i keep reminding myself.
15. I have a heart for people with hurting marriages and desire to help people...i need to see how God can help me use this heart and help heal his children.
16. 16 is my favorite number and my co-worker's too...random.
17. i'm going to try mary kay's mineral foundation instead of bareminerals...not cause i dont like it, but because jen sold me.

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