Thursday, October 22, 2009


my eyesight is blurred. i never get enough sleep. lately caedmon has been up for like 2-3 hours in the middle of the night! it's so annoying and defeating! ryan and i dont know what to do, but we're pushin' through, knowing this will pass - eventually.

during the waking hours..we've been busy these past few weeks.

i made caedmon's halloween costume - beyond adorable! and we are finishing up in the kitchen.

i'll be shopping for new curtains and a new dining table this week! :)

life is always.

caedmon news: he is talking in full sentences and putting amazing sentences together. "Daddy is a boy. Caedmon is a boy. Daddy and Caedmon are boys. " "Oh, i have another idea!" *usually a bad idea! "Caedmon CAN do it!" - also usually a bad idea.

he was in DC a few hours this week and made a crown in honor of the story of Queen Esther. here he is with his crown!


  1. Man that is frustrating. Amelia pulled that for a little bit and man it was rough. Like you say--what to do? However, they are precious, so it helps ha.

  2. He's so cute. I love his sentences... such a smart little guy.
    Sorry he's not sleeping. :(

  3. I get so annoyed at the middle of the night wake periods too. You're right, it will pass... eventually. I sat and racked my brains for things that helped us and I only came up with a couple, and they didn't always work! HA! One of us would lay in their bed with them and sleep... they weren't allowed to get up and play. (that one SOMETIMES worked, but it wasn't always comfy) We would just walk them back to their bed and say, it's time for bed, and walk out (kind of a supernanny thing that didn't always work). The thing that did do it for Caden, making sure he ate well during the day. Meaning, he ate the things he needed as far as nutrients are concerned and that he had a good dinner. Trial and error and sometimes you just deal. Hang in there friend.