Friday, October 16, 2009

a WI weekend overview


Whoa…it’s been too long.
Sorry that I haven’t wrote for a while. Not that you guys care anyway…but cool blog thing. Someone googled their name * I won’t say who as to not put their name back on* and we talked after about like 15 years of no contact. Pretty cool.
Anyway, this past weekend I went to WI! I had a great time seeing my family…and a NOT SO GREAT time traveling. Caedmon was a bear…but I am not going to go into that because I’m determined to remember the good times. Not the times of me wrestling a very strong 2 year old in an airplane while crying…there I go again. I’m done. It was good.
Highlights: ELLIOTS EYES, EXPRESSIONS, SMILES, LAUGHS, LAID BACK ATTITUDE; Meeting MASON! So adorable! So sweet and babyish and he looks like my brother, which was unexpected. Karen is a great mom, so attentive and happy. Will is a cool dad, very in love with his boy. Will and Caedmon are BEST FRIENDS now! Caed loves Uncle Wilt and playing with him. Will constantly kept him going and was so much fun to play with! They had a blast! Eating…I ate so much. So much good stuff! Mom is a great cook…I appreciate it more than ever. Apple Cider-ing with with whole family – fresh “organic” (well, sprayed once) apples from our old farm! First SNOW of the year was in WI on Oct 10th…that is just crazy.
Kitchen update: I came home to a chair rail up and lookin’ good and to painted walls. I painted the red wall this week and more coats of yellow. We only have a small area left to do and then the backplash and hanging things! Very very cool! I’m so excited! We are also getting a new dining room table – AWESOME!
Enjoy all the pictures!

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  1. What beautiful little boys your family has!! I'm a little partial to one in particular though, even if he was a bear on the plane. ;)