Sunday, September 27, 2009


so, we have had a nice weekend.
first a date to the MOS (Museum of Science) in Boston. it was great. a nice/different date and topped it off with indian food. yum
saturday, a lot of house stuff and playin' with caedmon and a "bondfire" get-together at night - after a crazy fit in the afternoon from a cranky boy.
today: a trip to home depot and paint samples. my "brown" was eggplant and my "peanut butter" was the same color as my cabinets. i am not happy. i do love the red, but now i am at square one with color choices. ahhhhh more frustrating than i expected, i wish we were like 2 mins from a HomeDepot instead of 15.
now, i'm lightheaded because we painted with oil based primer over three of the walls that we coudn't remove the wallpaper from. we had to clean the brushes with gasoline because we didn't have any paint remover...and i accidently got some on my i had to remove it with the gas and now...yes, i'm loopy.

sunday school started at MMC this week. i'm excited for this year and glad that we have new things happening at our is time.
caedmon was a blessing today. after one little 2 year old tantrum this morning he was GREAT and no nap! he was so cute all day and played by himself so much and just brought joy. lately i've been calling him "joybringer reveley" and he thinks it funny. he is a joy-bringer though. he is always bringing us joy in new ways. i did look at him and say, "HOW DID YOU GROW SO FAST! ITS NOT NICE!" beacuse he really has changed and grown so quickly. i miss my baby boy! pray that we have another one soon, cause time is flying!


  1. oooh another one?!? I have been wondering if you are trying or want another one but that isn't a thing you ask on facebook ha.

  2. we would like another one...most days! hahaha, but i know it's all in God's timing and it'll happen when it happens. i've finally released myself of the "MUST HAVE CHILDREN 2 YEARS APART GIG" that i always expected...