Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it was the BEST!

WHOA! there are no words for seeing ADAM LAMBERT LIVE IN CONCERT!!!

the american idol tour was amazing, matt rocked, danny was great, and then - my love - ADAM! mind was blown. he is so amazingly talented.

highlights and lowlights:
1. hanging outside the TD BANKNORTH Garden in 96 degree hot sun, sweating, WAITING for the idols with hales. didn't happen. the one and only show they didn't show their faces because the "areas couldnt' accomidate." we were bummed.
2. bummin' around the gorgeous city of boston with hales...great day
3. dinner at CPK...yummy avacado club eggrolls and lettuce wraps
4. randomly screamin' with excitement just thinkin' about being in the same building as adam freakin' lambert!
5. matt's awesome set...i was overly impressed he "found me"
6. scotts blind jokes about himself...ridiculous and then he sang, "if i could just...seeeee you! TONIGHT!" ahahahah
7. danny...crying at what hurts the most. didn't know i was so sensitive did you?!
8. ADAM! the ROCK GOD! the most amazing performer of all time
9. chillin' with martha and kurt...the couple who sat next to us. in their 40's hillarious and fun. he snuck in a HD video camera!
10. sneakin' in my telephoto lense and a crazy huge brownie to bring home for ryan
11. KRIS WHO? jk...he was good. just couldn't hold his own agaist adam.
12. FAME!!!! WHAt, are you kidding me! my mind was blown on those dance moves.
13. matt's new hair is awesome
14. lil just lost it...not good.

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