Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ABC...Atlanta, Boston, Chicago...this picture just happened. i love when things like this happen. :) makes me smile. the wallpaper that i haven't gotten rid of yet doesn't make me smile however. kitchen remodel is coming this fallllllllll..........very excited!

I love summer. and i love it even more when caedmon says, "summer is fun!" he gets wet everyday, either at a friend's pool or with playing in the hose. drying off ....i love it. just cause.

dinner. summer food is the best. i made peanutty chicken skewers with red peppers, rice, garlicy s&p zucchini/squash, and baby greens with asian seasame salad dressing. it was GOOOOOOOOD. i love to cook, i love to grill, i love love love food. i wish i could just eat all the time. seriously, and i even really like healthy food. ryan always trys to make me eat all the things i don't and won't. he's a bad influence. and so is gary's ice cream...directly across the street.

i have so much to do today, and i never get any sleep. but i am really trying to always live for today and make the best of each moment. i am determined to remember the little things, the best things, not the stresses. i am determined to find JOY each day.
ryan and caedmon are great sources of that :) if food!


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  1. That dinner looks YUMMY! I dont want summer to be over yet either :(