Saturday, August 29, 2009

have you ever

no, not that annoying jr. high game or college one - depending on your maturity level :)

have you ever tried it's amazing. seriously. i used it twice today. i had stuff to make wontons, cause i had some pork left over and some wonton wrappers from two different meals this week. and TA DA! i found it, i have all the ingredients and they're going to be awesome. i love that site. it's my lifeline for cooking. try it.

anyway. today was a laid back day, so was friday - praise God. i had such a week that i needed these two days to do NOTHING. i really was pretty much inside - vegging out all weekend. loved it. never get to do it.
caedmon was great. such a good boy and so mcuh fun to be with. last week i missed him so much because i worked so much more than normal, but that is goign to be our life this year. it'll be an adjustment working more, but i know God is providing for us and we're going to be able to "move forward" because of these saccrifices.

caedmon has an amazing memory. here are some moments from this weekend that astounded us:
1. i asked him if he wanted chinese noodles, he said, "yeah, like at gramma's house." ok, that was over a month ago and it was one time. how does he remember all this stuff...
2. he was kicking a soccerball into an opening in his potty stool. (hard to picture i'm sure..anwyay...) and he would get it to pop out and say, "cuckooo" like a clock. he picks up on everything he sees, even if it's just a tid bit from a show.
3. he started crying because he wanted to drum. he was drumming, so i wasn't understanding. but he wanted to drum on his BROWN drum, the one that he broke like two months's been long gone, but not forgotten.
4. two words, this one is too long to tell the story, "turner hider."
5. Hershey Squirt! (a family inside joke.)

i love his memory except when he also reminded me i'd let him watch jonas brothers movie while i was cooking. so, as soon as i went downstairs to start cooking i hear, "dadda, what momma doing?" daddy: she's cooking dinner. caedmon "JONAS BROTHERS MOVIE TIME!"

oh, no. i've got my hands full.

well, i'm going to scrapbook - i have so much to do! need to get a dent in it sometime.

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