Thursday, August 27, 2009

shout outs


Hales Rockin' out at caedmon's 2nd b-day that she helped out sooooooooo much with!

Roberta and Caedmon, at his first birthday party

Laura always helping Caedmon

Nate and Olivia rockin' with caed's guitar!

these are some very special shout outs to people who make my life a lot easier and bless my son's life EVERY day!
i am beyond thankful for the people in our family's life. without these people ryan and i wouldn't be able to carry on ministry, social life, or hold down a job! :)
for starters:
caedmon's first and lifelong psuedo-grandma, Roberta -and her family, the tilley's. we are so thankful for all the countless hours that roberta has given her life over to caedmon. she always says, "he's as good as gold." and "is it just that we're biased, or is he really just that cute!" she is in love with him. she is his BERBA. he loves her and her whole family, including her real grandchildren. he has been at her house since he was 7 weeks old for about 6-8 hours a week during the school year. she opened this opporunity up to us when i was pregnant and we'd have been retarded to not accept. it is a blessing and an amazing gift from God. did i mention its all freeeeeeeee :)

the next person that was from MA to really pour into caedmon would be olivia and nate tocci. well, originally olivia hansen :)
she has loved caedmon from the time i told her i was pregnant and the tears streamed down her face. she was his "first kiss" and is completely in love with him. now, she works at the daycare at my school and gets to be with him while he's there. she is a blessing. everyone who knows olivia knows that she is amazing, loving, fun, and just GREAT to be around. she has watched him for us randomly and has always helped when she could. i was priveledged to be in their wedding last year and even though i was the bridesmaid with the baby, we still had a ton of fun. nate and olivia will be amazing parents someday and can practice on caedmon anytime!

a few more special people we got close during my pregnancy with caedmon and have gotten tighter ever since.
Haleigh, Laura, and Ryan.
Hales - or "Hawwwieee" as caedmon would call her is a great friend. she is always willing to play with caedmon and is his biggest fan. she encourages his music and introduced him to things such as; the jonas brothers, the backstreet boys, and various other musical influences that we now hear daily. she SPOILS Caed like a nephew and is as she would say, "obsessed" with him. almost anytime caedmon see hales' car coming down our driveway he screams with excitement. now he says, " i luv you halweee" and it melts her heart. she has watched him for us many a church night and for church meetings, and even date nights. the first time she watched him he was about 6 months old and the love fest hasn't ended yet!
last but, MOST CERTAINLY not least..."waura and wy-nan" Laura n Ryan Wagner.
Caedmon has been in love with laura since he was born, i think. he knew her camera first, probably, but from teh time he learned to rough house he then started to be crazy over Ryan and wanted ryan to come. when he was first speaking he would ask for "waura and wy-nan" and ask if they were "comin?" he continually shows off for them and laura is pretty convinced he is the smartest toddler ever. (he is! :)) he is probably her most photographed subject. she started taking pictures of him at only 5 days old and hasn't stopped, thank God! she always gets the best shot, one in particular i won't ever forget is his valentine this past year with the guitar! she brings out the best in Caed! ryan is a drummer and so is caedmon, so they are soul mates. when caed says, "i got music in my SOOOOUL" ryan can clearly understand. someday he'll teach him drumming. we have spent A LOT of time together these two years. laura and i love to drag him along with us anywhere and he loves to go to their house. the best thing is that NONE of these friends care that we have a baby. it's never, "can you get a sitter?" it's always, "Can you bring caedmon." they all love him so much.

WE LOVE YOU ALL! there are more folks to thank who have blessed us and i'm sure will: Julie T, Jen N, Barbara and Walter,"Soup", - i see it as God's way of giving us a family away from our family. of giving him aunts, uncles, and "Grammas" that he wouldn't really have nearby. he stil sees our family as special and knows these are our friends, but it's just as great. THANKYOUALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for ALL YOU DO FOR US! Caedmon loves you and we do too! GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!


  1. Oh my goodness I just can't believe how big Caedmon is getting, precious little guy! Love your blog, I am totally following you now!

    HUGS to you and the family! =)

  2. And we love you too. We are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives :) This has put a smile on my face after such a long tiresome day. I love what I do because I have friends like you guys who encourage me :)

  3. wow! I didn't realize you had this blog, or that my name is mentioned...thanks for the shout-out! you guys are def. a blessing to have in my life as well...your personality has allowed me to slow down and enjoy life more..and I love Caed too! -Jen N.