Thursday, August 13, 2009

sometimes i take pictures...

actually, i take pictures A LOT!

so, i decided it was HIGH TIME i start a blog with some of these pictures and the reasons why i took them, etc.
thankfully i have an amazing friend, Laura Wagner ( who helps and encourages me, and even lets me go to events and photograph with her. and, i happen to have an extremely handsome husband and son, too! so, i get lots of opportunities to take pictures. Last night, while walking up to bed, i realized. why do i always have to take so many pictures, i NEVER get around to doing anything with them! its sad, but true. i do scrapbook, of course, but i only choose my favorite shots or the ones that tell a story. and i hang some on the walls, not enough! i need to do that more too....
with a little guy, we all know that capturing these moments are the most important thing we can do to remember the little things he did and does and will do....he's already soooooo big!
so, here is my blog, here are some pictures, here is my life : kinda.

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  1. Yay!!! I love it. Finally :) Another blog to follow. This one, I KNOW, will be very exciting :)