Friday, August 14, 2009

a new nephew is born!

today my sister in law gave birth to their first son, Mason William Babler! i'm so excited for them! what a blessing he already is to our family!
we now have three little guys in the family, caedmon, elliot, and mason, all within 2 years! they will be three to watch out for! that's for sure!
i was so excited at 1:56 a.m. to see my phone ringing with "WILL" on the caller id. i knew it was news, great news!
he told me that the had the baby, and i asked WHAT IS IT! he said, A BOY! i knew it! and then he told us his name, MASON great!
here is a picture of the beautiful little guy, and if you know me i'll have plenty more to share.
i will be visiting Will, Karen, and Mason in October over Columbus day weekend, if i can get a flight that will work with my work schedule. it'll take all the power within me to wait that long!
Children are really a blessing from the Lord. I just wanted to scream and praise God, but i didn't want to wake caedmon up in the other room. i fell asleep that night praying for their family, for karen's strength, and for their child, and i fell back asleep doing the same thing, but with a name, MASON. i pray that this child comes to know the Lord and follows in his way.
God bless the newest addition to the BAbler family!

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  1. AWESOME. Love this :) Such a blessing for sure