Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what i get to come home to

Today was the first day of school. How was it? very smooooooooooooth. the best of my four years at cca. it was seamless and easy-going for a first day anyway. there was some drama, a lot of questions, anxious students, and parents with lumps in their throats, but all in all...it was smooth and easy.
the best part of my day was coming home to my boys. each day i am so excited to come home to ryan and caed. thankfully i'm only EXACTLY 8 minutes away from home and so my "commute" isn't rough. but, i still get excited to drive up. the best days are when caed and ryan are sitting on the stairs outside waiting for me and i hear, "mommmmmma's home!" that is just the greatest feeling in the world. i love coming home to their love and their faces.
caedmon doesn't take much time lately to "snuggle." but when i'm home from work i get a few moments of love and he pats my back as he hugs me. i love this feeling and won't ever forget it.
These pictures are a great representation of how happy we are when the school day is over and we're together. we're so blessed! i can't imagine working until 5, sitting in traffic, and missing so much of my child's life. or having ryan have to do that. what we saccrifice in "dinero" we make up for in time together and happiness!
JOY, simply PURE JOY!

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