Tuesday, September 8, 2009

big boy haircut

looks like such a big boy now! he and daddy have the same haircut! so cute!

something funny caedmon did today:

well, after school we went to EGGROLL CAFE! ridiculously good. http://www.eggrollcafe.com/. when caedmon was a little baby i used to ALWAYS go there. he's been breastfed there like a million times, had his diaper changed on the tiny bathroom floor, and even "partied" there. today, we just were hangin' with hales at EC. caedmon was sitting by the window and saw, "JOE!" Yes, JOE JONAS! A boy came walking by with skinny jeans on and this same hair! He did look like Jonas. Hillarious. Then, later the boy was walking by again and caedmon said, "hey Joe! there's joe! Our son is ridiculous and obsessed with the jonas brothers! gotta love it, haleigh was dying!

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