Saturday, September 12, 2009


what a boring weekend! seriously, my highlight was going to teh grocery store twice. i am not seeking pitty, i actually enjoyed the boring days...kinda. plus, the weather was not nice at all.
the highlight of the weekend is the must anticipated BEARS vs. Packers game. as die-hard BEARS fans, we've got caedmon all geared up for the game. (that is which, he'll be in bed for anyway). gramma and pa babler sent him a cool bears outfit (pictured above.)
sometimes i feel like i should be doing more, and get more motivated. its hard because i am so worn out at the end of the week that sometimes i just don't want to do anything. i am relieved that after this week all of our big bills we've been dreading will be past and we can actually spend a little money, maybe do a few special things.
this week approaching i am going to be starting one half day a week. no more full full-time weeks. i only did that to get school kicked-off. now, i get to come home at noon on wednesdays. i'm looking forward to these half-days. time relaxing while caedmon takes his nap or maybe i'll get some scrapooking done or photoshop practice in.
next week shoudl be a busy one though, at the end of the week laura has two wedding - friday and saturday. so, i'll be accompaning her for atleast the saturday event. i love shooting weddings with her, even though i really dont know what i'm doing yet. there's just something great about experiencing someone's most important special day of their life - even when you don't know who they are!

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  1. Girl, he is just getting so big, and is super handsome!!!! ;)