Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what a day....

oh, what a day!

actually, the problem started saturday afternoon.
after shooting a wedding with laura and taking a nice nap, i woke up to a camera with a SPOT and flecks on the sensor.
for those of you who know me: THIS IS NOT COOL! I use my camera probably about 2 hours a day! if not ALLLLL Day long. i have taken millions of pictures this year and to know that i might be out of a camera for 6-8 weeks is depressing. i will survive...somehow. i can still take pictures, but the flaws are evident and frustrating.
i'm thinking some sand got into the sensor from shooting on the beach...saddness.
then, today. 9:45 a.m. i get a call from my hub. he was supposed to be taking the camera to RITZ to check out the problem and he says, "my car won't start. i think its the transmission." GREAT NEWS! ahahah, right.
there is no possible way that we could afford two car payments and a new car or major repairs. his has about 128K on it and has been having some issues. but, we JUST got new tires....bummer! so we're waiting to hear if it is the transmission or something else that would be easier to repair and cheaper. either way, it's money.
so the camera is free, except for shipping but the car most definitely is not...
in other news: we did just begin renovations on the kitchen, which are mostly entirely free thanks to the house being owned by the church and not us. but it is a lot of work. i will post some pictures of the cleared walls...no more hideous wallpaper!
i dont know why, but its times like this i wish my family lived by. it seems like things would be easier if you had parents nearby and could borrow their camera or had a sister down the street and could share a car with her. or they could help with the kitchen and it would be done in no time at all...plus, when things suck sometimes you just want your family around cause you can complain and they don't care, or you don't feel bad for doing it.
anyway...the BRIGHT SPOT - i'm not stressed. i'm bummed or alittle sad, but not stressed. i know that God will provide and look forward to a post cause i believe that GOD WILL and has already planned something great out of this. either a new car situation, a new camera situation, or some loaners in the mean time...whatever the case he has never let us down! even when it comes to stupid material things God knows and we can learn from this as well. so i'm feelin' groovy despite the annoyances this day!

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  1. I only live three hours from my family and sometimes am a big whiny baby about it. You guys have been all over and I am always inspired by your strength and adventurous attitude. All your pics and documentation of Caed have really given me a goal of how I want to document things for Amelia. Hope you get good news on the car!