Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Labor-less weekend

A nice three days off, after a CRAZY first week back to school.
The first week of school was actually very smooth, but extremely busy. I was so tired on Thursday and Friday!

A long weekend couldn't have come at a better time.
SATURDAY: A nice relaxing morning and a day trip to Newburyport, MA. A beautiful coastal town. loved it! We met up with Laura, Ryan, and Jen. It was awesome...just walking around, eating ice cream, enjoying seafood, and the water. Highlight: HAVING A BOY! Boy, was i thankful that caedmon is a boy on this trip. in these small little towns, where you never know if there is a bathroom or what-have-you, you can always be sure there is a bush or an alleyway! Caedmon went pee atleast 4 times in Newburyport. We found many discrete places, and i was thankful for a boy. it would have been so annoying to find bathrooms every hour! i am very happy he's potty trained and "easy-going." another accident free day!

unfortunatly, today i did miss out on a big event: THE SCHWILLING WEDDING. i posted a picture of them, even though it makes me sad i'm so happy for them! Congrats Hannah and Justin!

SUNDAY: After church, we headed on our way out to Wendell, MA - a small town in western massachusetts where my cousins *(step-cousins, actually) live. We enjoyed time with my aunt and uncle and 4 of my cousins, and two of Kevin's kids. it was a beautiful day. we had a water balloon fight - very fun! ryan and i won the second round, until i got soaked! caedmon was a good boy, he did experience a few accidents there because my aunt was spoiling him and giving him drink after drink after drink...you get my point. HIGHLIGHT: just RELAXING and eating lots of yummy food. the veggie pizza was the best.
MONDAY: just a day at home. it wasn't completely labor-less. i did do some housework and we tried something new. A NO NAP DAY. we have done these, unintentionally before. but, doing it on purpose made me feel so bad for caed. plus, it trapped us inside. every time he goes in the car after about 12:00 he falls asleep. he's been doing good with naps, but horrible at night. so we watned to try and see if he really "NEEDS" the nap. amazingly - he went to bed at 8 pm. and wasn't up for the day until 8 a.m.! VEYR NICE! he only woke up twice, once at 5 saying, "i want dada" and once at 6:30ish to come in our bed and was bad dead sleep! it was great. but the rough part of the day was at 3:30-6ish when he was worn out. but, he woke back up when he ate dinner and then hales came over.
so, we had a great day. i got some scrappin' done, we went to a park, and we watched ACROSS THE UNIVERSE...awesome!

today...back at it at work. glad to have a short week :)

caedmon's doing great in daycare and i'm hoping he keeps it up, only going 5 hours this week.

enjoy the pictures. Labor Day pictures on the next post

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