Tuesday, September 15, 2009


so, we're making progress.
school is into its third week. its going well. i'm adjusting to working longer days.
caedmon is into daycare full swing, still only a few hours a week, but he's a champ. no crying, all smiles. it's hillarious when i hear someone saying, "yeah, caedmon can do that! or caedmon goes potty." then i realize it's him talking in the third person. we're teaching him I and ME which he does know, but when he's at school he always uses his name. he still doesn't know the names of the other kids, but they are sure starting to learn his! he talks the MOST of all the kids and is a very good boy. ms. olivia has to "throw down" on him, but he likes whatever she does and listens very well to her. he ate his WHOLE lunch today and amazed the rest of the DC Staff. it was good.
this past weekend we had a nice time with our little family. the weather wasn't great on sat. so we just sat...literally didn't do much.
ryan and i have progressed in deciding to "own" a healthy lifestyle. we eat extremely healthy, i would say, and we are active, we go to the chiropractor, try to get plenty of rest *yeah right!*, but we do need more excersise. so we took up running...joy. i hate running, but i feel good afterward. 4 more times and i get new shoes...motivation! i love shoes...
we've officially started progress on a few tasks around the house that have been haunting me since moving here. 1. my hideous kitchen. i dont even like to call it MINE, but i do live here. so, we're starting! tonight we painted the door and some trim and the radiator along the floor. 2. the bathroom. i cried when we moved here and saw my minature bathroom. we're doing a little bit of work there. 3. searching for a new dining room table and hutch. we don't have our own set and the church provided one is ridiculous.

funny kid thing:
this weekend on sunday after church we did have some kids come over to play with caed. hillarious stuff happend! a 2 year old (caedmon) and 6 and 8 year old brothers. something scary at first, but now funny was caedmon getting clocked by the 8 year old swinging...caed flew like 5 feet. the 6 year old said, "JAKE! YOU ALMOST KILLED A BABY!" I couldn't help but crack up it was so funny, once i knew caed was okay.

last night we went to laura and ryans and on the ride home caedmon said, "Dadda and momma, i had a fun day!" that was great to hear! its so nice to se that he is so enthusastic and adventurous about life!

enjoy a few pics!

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