Friday, September 18, 2009

five for friday

Five for Friday
Five favorite things for this week...pointing out the best things in life

1. getting to bed early for me and caedmon: caedmon has been going to bed early all week. about 8:30 to 8:45....that is EARLY for him. getting this boy settled down and pottied and brushed and read-to, etc. doesn't happen easily. we're hoping that this week will start a pattern of earlier bed times for caedmon. and earlier bed time may equal longer sleeping? we've noticed this when he goes down earlier and and gently he sleeps well. i have been going to bed before 11 every night, which is early for me too. i want to go to bed before that but its hard! when that means less than two hours alone with ryan and my laptop and the tv! hahaha but i am favoring the sleep! so this is my number 1 favorite thing of this week.

2. classic books. tonight we hit up barnes and noble and it brought me back to childhood. also, reading like a million books a night to caedmon makes me love the classic books again. tonight we bought THE DIGGINEST DOG...we used to love this book as kids! also, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER - a classic and caedmon said, "this one make momma cry." it does. he's right. i bought mason and elliot *my nephews* some classics tonight to add to their collections as well. I LOVE BOOKS!

3. Co-Workers. This week i was pumped to have great co-workers. i had some awesome conversations, was able to help and support people, and was able to get help and support from people. i'm so thankful for my job. It was actually one of my favorite things this week.

4. "sentences" caedmon using good sentences. he really was doing great...using sentences to tell us everything. we heard things like, "oh, i know! i'll read daddy's book." and "Caedmon likes that movie" and "I am eating a lollipop!" but my FAVORITE sentence of the week came tonight, "Oh, momma, you're having a bad hair day."

5. THE OFFICE; this is my favorite show came back on for the fall season. made me actualy look forward to the fall a little bit, but also made me realize - it's here!

i hope you all had a few favorite things from this week. it's fun to look back and think about the things that MADE this week memorable, or a little special. :)

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